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Thursday, 23 June 2011

On a little trip out to town to root around for a suitable prom bag (which, of course, I didn't even end up getting!) I accidentally on purpose spent money that I just don't have to spend! June has been an absolutely crazy month, with about a trillion birthday presents and parties to pay for, not to mention Prom, and my bank account has been seriously suffering! I managed to justify a few purchases in town, although my conscience is suffering a little now...

White Floppy Hat - Primark - £4
I loveeee the floppy hat trend for summer and this one was just so cute with the tiny holes, although there was a straw tie around the hat which I swiftly snipped off for fear of looking a little too scarecrow-esque!

Beaded Headbands - Primark - £2
These are so bright and colourful for summer, and perfect to wear with soft, floaty, wavy hair!

Turquoise Ring - Primark - £2.50
I could not believe how beautiful this ring was, especially for Primark standards!

Maybelline Gel Liner - Superdrug - £5.99
This could quite possibly be my new favourite liner, it beats my ELF Cream Liner by miles!

Cream Sheer Blouse - Primark - £8
I adore this type of top however upon closer inspection I accidentally picked it up in a size 18, whoops!

Orange Vest Top - Primark - £4
I love love love this for summer and tucking into shorts or bright skirts!

Floral Playsuit - H&M - £7.99
It seems that the only playsuits that ever fit me are found in H&M so I couldn't resist this little bargain!


  1. love the playsuit I think I need to have a lil look in H&M! and I really wanna try the maybelline liner, have you tried any other gel eyeliners? if so is this one the best?

  2. love the ring and playsuit! xo

  3. Love the playsuit.. so many lovely ones in H & M at the mo! Been wanting to try that liner for a while now but wasn't sure on the quality.
    I swear June is the poorest month of the year haha I've had soo many birthdays and prom to pay for too! :(


  4. The playsuit is gorgeous! I never seem to find anything in my local H&M but may try and hunt down this, i love it x

  5. I have that ring too, love it :-) x

  6. My favourites have to be the blouse and the primark ring. I love big rings like that!!

  7. I've got the blouse, love it :) The gel eyeliner is absolutely amazing isn't it? A really intense black! Good purchases ;) xx

  8. You got some really great stuff at some really good price!! :D

  9. That ring is beautiful! x

  10. haha it actually looks really good in a size 18 on you! xx

  11. I absolutely adore that ring! I love the top as well, i actually have the exact same one in a bright pink color :) Love that hat as well, looks fab on you! Need to get one like that myself xoxo

  12. I love the sheer blouse, I actually think tops like that look a lot better when they are bigger (:,xx

  13. love the turquoise ring and floppy hat! :)

  14. Love the playsuit what a bargain!! absoulutley adore the eyeliner is amazing, stunning primark finds! xx

  15. @GemFearless- The only other one i've tried is the ELF cream liner and i think the Maybelline one is better!:)

    @Fern- Me too, i love them!

    @Charlotte- Agreed, H&M do lovely playsuits! And June is such a poor month ahha!

    @DaintyMakeup- My local H&M is so messy you have to search for hours to find anything haha!

    @Catherine- Its beautiful!

    @Carla- I love big rings too... im obsessed haha1

    @sophie- I loved the blouse but ended up taking it back and picked up a different one!

    @Grace- Im a bargain hunter haha!

    @Jenny- I love primark rings haha!

    @Emily- yeahh it didnt look bad, although i took it back the oher day and got a different one haha!

    @Laura- There seems to be so many of those tops around at the moment haha!:)

    @Bettzy- Yeah me too :)

    @Holly- I agree, although i was aiming for a size 12 rather than an 18 haha!

    @Elizabeth- Thankyou i love them too!:)

    @Nicola- The eyliner is amazing! Im in love with primark!:)


  16. are your shorts topshop? Pretty sure we have the same ones, they're so handy :) xxx